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Introducing Showstopper Simple-Swap Interchangeable Competition Bikini Connectors!



Showstopper Bikini was founded with the main goal of making competing in IFBB, NPC and other bikini fitness contests more affordable with the belief that every fitness milestone achieved deserves to be rewarded. There’s no better feeling than tackling obstacles and pushing yourself further than you ever thought possible. Show day is a time to celebrate all that you have sacrificed for and the growth that you obtained along the way. Stepping into your posing suit and out on stage to showcase all of your hard work is an amazing feeling, and we love being a part of that.


The truth is, competing is expensive. Although we believe that every bikini athlete deserves a new posing suit at each milestone, we know that most competitors simply can’t afford it. That’s why we created the first, and only, interchangeable bikini connectors on the market. Our patent-pending, Simple-Swap bikini connectors and compatible competition bikinis allow customers to mix-and-match bikini components to create new looks in a matter of seconds, and at a fraction of the cost. 




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Showstopper Competition Bikinis and Simple-Swap Crystal Bikini Connectors

  • Competition Bikinis
  • Shoulder Connectors
  • Center Connectors
  • Hip Connectors


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