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Q) Why do Showstopper bikini connector ends look different from other connectors I have seen?

A) Showstopper’s patent-pending Simple-Swap bikini connectors are the only interchangeable bikini connectors on the market. Compatible with all Showstopper bikinis, our Simple-Swap connectors allow you to change your bikini connectors in a matter of seconds! We can't all afford a new bikini for every competition, but with the ability to change out connectors as you please, you'll never be stuck wearing the same look twice!


Q) How do I attach my Simple-Swap Connectors?

A) How to Attach Simple-Swap Connectors:


1)  Start by making sure the connector end is in the correct direction. When attaching hip and center connectors the notch access should be on the bottom (see photo).

2)  Slide the connector end downward into the fabric loop opening, using the notch to hook the connector end onto the fabric loop.

3)  Flip over to see the inside of the bikini and backside of connector you are attaching. Using thumb, guide edges of fabric loop into the 2 securing hooks.

4)  When finished, securing hooks should be visible only on the inside of the bikini (you should not see these when bikini is being worn).


Q) I saw another company offering rhinestone bikinis for much less. How is this possible?

A) For the most radiant look on stage, Showstopper only adheres the absolute best crystals on the market to our bikinis. Although more costly, Swarovski crystals have been scientifically proven to be the best crystals in the world. It is the best crystal that exists, and the only type we adorn our bikinis with. Many other companies use lesser stones, and it is evident by the naked eye, on or off stage. If a company doesn’t directly claim to use Swarovski crystals, they more than likely don’t. When it comes to crystals, you get what you pay for.


Q) Can I change the rhinestone color and/or rhinestone pattern?

A) Yes. We've included rhinestone color upgrade options on all of our crystal bikini listings as well as our custom suit listings that allow you to build your bikini from scratch. Crystal color can be changed by selecting the color(s) you would like in the order form before adding the bikini to your cart. Multiple rhinestone color selections may be made to create alternating, patterned, or ombré effects. When choosing multiple colors, leave a comment in the bottom of the order form indicating how you want the colors arranged (alternating, fading from one color to another, chevron arrangement, etc.). We'll conact you to clarify if we're unsure of your directions. If no comment is left we'll assume multiple colors are to be alternated. If you have a photo or sketch of a design you like, please email it to us at sales@showstopper

If you would like to change the rhinestone color to one you don't see an option for or have a new pattern idea, please contact us via email at for a custom bikini quote. Pricing will depend on rhinestone amount and intricacy of the design.

Refer to chart below for the Swarovski Crystals we carry.  


Q) I can't find exactly what I have in mind. Can I place a custom bikini order?

A) Yes! Send us a message through the "contact us" link at the bottom of this page or email us at if you can't find exactly what you're looking for on our site. We'll email you back to let you know if it is something we can do, include a price quote and instructions on how to proceed with your order.


Q) What fabrics do you have in stock for custom bikini orders?

A) See the fabric swatch chart below for the fabrics we currently keep in stock. You can customize your bikini through the link titled "BUILD YOUR OWN" under the tab titled "COMPETITION BIKINIS" in our site menu. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for on our site, send us a message through the "contact us" link at the bottom of this page or email us at 


Q) Do you offer bottom styles other than the Regulation-cut?

A) We do offer a Pro-cut (similar to, with less coverage than the Regulation-cut), a Modest Cut (~50% coverage), and Pageant-Cut (near full coverage with scrunch) and will soon add these options to all of the suit listings on our website. If you would like to change your bottom style to either of these, simply leave us a comment telling us which cut you would like in place of the Regulation-cut when ordering your bikini.

By default, all Showstopper bikini bottoms are made in our “Regulation Cut” style, which is our most popular cut for NPC and many other amateur federations. This cut is featured on the website models in the product photos. We recently added additional bottom cut options to the “build your own section” for girls that need more or less coverage depending on the federation they’re competing in. The way a bottom fits and the coverage provided varies depending size and the wearer’s physique. If you are concerned about coverage, please email your measurements to, and we can help to determine your size or customize the cut for a better fit.  If you have an idea of your target weight this will help to determine what your measurements may be for show day. 

  • Pro cut is our most revealing cut and is intended for IFBB and other pro athletes (it does not provide enough coverage to meet NPC regulations).
  • Regulation (NPC) Cut  is our most popular cut and provides enough coverage for most amateur federations, and is the style most competitors prefer.
  • Modest Cut offers more coverage (>/=50%), and was created for bodybuilding federations in which the regulations for coverage are higher and more strict, or competitors that prefer more coverage.
  • Pageant Cut provides full-bottom coverage while still hugging the backside for a flattering, and sexy alternative to a regular full bottom bikini bottom.
All Showstopper bikini bottoms feature a center scrunch and are compatible with Showstopper Simple-Swap interchangeable crystal bikini connectors.


Q) Do you charge for padding?

A) All Showstopper bikini tops come with BravoTM Triangle Bikini Shaper® padding in pockets that allow for easy padding insertion and removal. BravoTM Triangle Bikini Shaper® enhance the natural breast shape, and give form to the triangle top. These are high quality bikini pads that retail alone for $15. As a matter of fact, many other bikini companies charge for padding and some even charge you to sew in the pocket that holds the pads! We believe that they are essential components of a high-quality bikini and don’t charge extra for them.


 Q) Do you have a store I can visit?

A) Sorry, but don't currently have a physical storefront for customers to visit. We do operate booths at many of the competitions we sponsor, so if you see us, please stop by and check out our bikinis and jewelry selections in person. Please remember to recommend us to your friends, as we would love to open up a physical store once customer demand can support it.


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